Daily Download: "Sirocco (Heavy Wish)," Odiorne

A charming song from a Mercury Rev spinoff band.

By Salon Staff
August 15, 2005 7:20PM (UTC)
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It seems like quite a lot of people leave Mercury Rev's ranks to form their own bands, and really, it's no wonder given how boring the Rev's recent output has been. To the ranks of the excellent orchestral pop bands the Silent League and Hopewell we can now add Odiorne, which is led by former Mercury Rev drummer Jimy Chambers. This song bubbles along pleasantly, never getting particularly dramatic, but also never losing its easy charm. It features impressively tight drumming, some wonderfully chaotic horns and the delightful line "It hit me like a sirocco." Also available is "Silent Treatment," from the band's debut EP.

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