Daily Download: "Panda," Dungen

An exclusive download from an acclaimed Swedish rocker.

By Salon Staff
August 18, 2005 11:01AM (UTC)
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The first thing you'll notice about Dungen's "Ta Det Lugnt" is the exceptional warmth of the sounds, from that resonant first tom hit to the guitars, buffed and shining, and throbbing with vintage overdrive. The second is that although those vocal harmonies are woozy, sweet and delicious, they're sung in a language that you most likely do not understand (that would be Swedish, which, judging from this record, is a good tongue to trip in). Then the chorus hits, the melody and the bass kick simultaneously, euphorically into overdrive, and you know you're hearing something special. Swedish one-man-band wunderkind, 24-year-old Gustav Ejstes has wrought an analog wonderland. Bring your own light show.

Salon Staff

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