Lightening the mood in Gaza

"The Daily Show" looks at the land Jewish settlers have been forced to abandon.

By Aaron Kinney
August 19, 2005 6:35PM (UTC)
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It may be difficult for some Americans to empathize when they see images of Jewish settlers resisting their forced removal from settlements in the Gaza Strip, given that these settlements have exacerbated the tensions between Israelis and Palestinians. The settlers' bold determination to live in hostile territory has inflamed the passions of both ordinary Muslims and al-Qaida terrorists, fueling a conflict that has cost the lives of innocent Israelis and Palestinians, not to mention Americans and citizens of other Western nations.

In any event, the Gaza withdrawal has been a wrenching event, and hard to watch. Some comic relief is in order. On Jon Stewart's "Daily Show" on Wednesday, faux correspondent Rob Corddry reported "live" from the Gaza Strip on the disputed land, which like much of the Middle East consists of inhospitable desert. Corddry intoned that "both sides still feel this land was given to them by their respective God," then added:


"But I've been here for a couple of days now, and if God gave me this particular piece of land, I'd be wondering what I'd done to offend God. I mean, frankly, Jon, I'm standing by the nice rubble, um, the stuff they take out when company's coming over. My guess is someone gave the land to God, God saw it and in his infinite wisdom he regifted it."

Corddy's take on the event illustrates that whatever your position on the Gaza withdrawal, you can probably agree that the region is quite arid.

Aaron Kinney

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