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New war-themed videos from Barbra Streisand and Green Day. Plus: Police raid of a Utah rave has many up in arms.

By Salon Staff
August 25, 2005 1:30AM (UTC)
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In an unexpected moment of synchronicity, Barbra Streisand and Green Day have both released new videos that feature shots of American troops in combat, and lyrics about worried lovers left at home. The video for Streisand's "Stranger in a Strange Land," intense and cheesy as you'd expect, is streaming at Amazon here, and the video for Green Day's "Wake Me When September Ends," a mawkish, seven-minute mini drama about separated sweethearts played by Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell, is available on the band's Web site.


The Web is ablaze with firsthand accounts and rumors of a Utah rave called Versus II last Saturday that was apparently broken up by police and National Guard in full SWAT gear, brandishing automatic weapons, and, according to many onlookers, using a whole lot of excessive force. Here is a fairly comprehensive collection of links to videos and stories about the incident, and here are a bunch of firsthand accounts.

The Beastie Boys are posting one a cappella track each week as a download on this page, and inviting fans to remix them and share the results here (via Largehearted Boy).

Sixeyes inaugurates a new artist list series called "Don't Listen to Me" with a nice submission from John Vanderslice that includes, among others, an Eric Dolphy record and podcasts of the fabulous Harry Shearer's radio show.

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