Daily Download: "The Loving Sounds of Static," Mobius Band

Vibrant, catchy rock from the Mobius Band.

By Salon Staff
August 25, 2005 11:01AM (UTC)
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Most of the writing about the Mobius Band focuses on the way they fuse electronic music and rock. But on much of their debut full-length, "The Loving Sounds of Static," including this title track, the electronics come across not so much as integral to the sound, but as decorative window dressing -- or, in a more up-to-date metaphor, some chrome rims. That's not meant in any way as a criticism, though, just an observation that the band's talents lie not so much in a new way of combining electronics and rock, but in the rock itself, which reminds me of the French Kicks, vibrant, cleanly produced, sharp and athletic, and with high cheekbones.

Salon Staff

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