Daily Download: "Sonar in My Soul," Richard Youngs

A challenging but fascinating track of experimental song.

Published September 1, 2005 7:01AM (EDT)

This 10-minute track from Scottish experimental artist Richard Youngs is less a song than a piece of sound art, and it's frankly dreadful at first, an unpalatable mess consisting of a two-note bass line, some seemingly random vocal phrases sung in a reedy, unprepossessing voice, little blasts of distorted electric guitar and electronic sound. Not a whole lot changes as the piece progresses, but the very length of it forces a certain kind of listening -- surely this can't be as random and pointless as it seems, you think, if someone chose to do it for this long. And indeed, listen long enough and something clicks, the various components begin to separate themselves into something decipherable, and the whole thing becomes, if not exactly transparent or viscerally powerful, at the very least an intriguing listen.

By Salon Staff

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