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New videos from Fiona Apple and the White Stripes, and favorite video picks from director Mark Romanek.

Published September 8, 2005 3:15PM (EDT)

Recently, the brilliant director Mark Romanek, whose work includes the video for Johnny Cash's "Hurt" and Jay-Z's "99 Problems," listed seven of his favorite music videos for the New York Times. Six of them are available for viewing online:

"Only," Nine Inch Nails
"E-Pro," Beck
"Naked As We Came," Iron and Wine
"Feel the Machine," the Chalets
"Romantic Death," the Suns
"Easy/Lucky/Free," Bright Eyes

You can also see Romanek, Jay-Z and Rick Rubin talking about the making of the "99 Problems" video here.

And here are a few more videos recently posted for Web viewing:

(Smog)'s Bill Callahan sings from the TV as a news anchorman (and he really looks the part, too) in the video for "I Feel Like the Mother of the World."

"This Year" is the first music video in the 10-year history of the Mountain Goats.

The White Stripes, decked out in 1940s fashion, perform for a crowd of children in an old theater in the elegant black-and-white video for "My Doorbell."

Fiona Apple watches a bearded man sing her own song to her in this clip from the video for "Not About Love." And Apple's Web site has a cute clip of her playing her first ever composition here.

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