Daily Download: "La Noyee," Carla Bruni

A lovely, languorous rendition of a Gainsbourg song by supermodel Carla Bruni

Published September 9, 2005 7:01AM (EDT)

There was no doubt a bit of eyebrow raising when Italian supermodel and power-dater Carla Bruni (past conquests include Mick Jagger and Donald Trump) released her first album, "Quelqu'un M'a Dit," in 2002, but the collection of simple, sepia-toned folk-pop songs garnered plenty of critical praise, sold over a million copies in France and was a hit all over Europe. Bruni has a lovely voice in the breathily-sexy-and-languorous, verging-on-drugged mode, but it's nicely underplayed. Her melodies are pleasant but a little on the wispy side, so it's no surprise that the stand-out track is this version of a Gainsbourg song, sung with a delightful rasp, which I'm pleased to offer for download.

By Salon Staff

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