Daily Download: "Beautiful Boyz," CocoRosie

Two free downloads from one of the most exciting records of the year.

Published September 13, 2005 7:01AM (EDT)

CocoRosie's "Noah's Ark," which comes out today, is one of my favorite albums released so far this year, simultaneously more acutely affected and more assured than their already brilliant debut. It's a mystifying, entirely absorbing tapestry of found sound samples, beatboxing and those matchless, unplaceable voices, and the whole thing feels both futuristic and ancient, which is, I suppose, another way of saying timeless. On the title track, available here, New York folkie Diane Cluck guests. But nothing can beat "Beautiful Boyz," with two of the most astounding singers in music today, Bianca Casady and guest Antony, trading back and forth.

By Salon Staff

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