More ticker shock for Dick Cheney

The vice president's going into the hospital again -- think anyone will get a straight answer about his health from the White House?

Published September 16, 2005 9:44PM (EDT)

Salon editorial fellow Aaron Kinney reacts to Dick Cheney's latest health problem.

It's time for the latest entry in the "Where's Cheney?" file. Two weeks ago, after Hurricane Katrina hit, Cheney was vacationing in Wyoming. Then he was reportedly house-hunting along the Chesapeake Bay. Next weekend, he'll be in the hospital.

Reports emerged today that Cheney will undergo elective surgery to repair an aneurism behind his right knee. The surgery, to repair a damaged artery, will be performed under local anesthetic, according to The Washington Post.

Not a good month, health-wise, for the Bush administration. Deputy White House Chief of Staff Karl Rove was briefly hospitalized for painful kidney stones when the president was stumbling in the immediate wake of Katrina.

Could this latest health issue be related to Cheney's mysterious visit to a Vail, Colo., health specialist back in June? That visit had to do with either his heart or his knee, according to the speculation surrounding the event. This latest incident has to do with both his knee and his heart, since a blood clot emanating from the former could spell disaster for the latter.

We don't have much information yet, but surely Cheney will just come out and tell us soon.

By Aaron Kinney

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