Daily Download: "No Good Here," Tim Fite

Post-Beck rock, filled with attitude.

Published September 22, 2005 7:01AM (EDT)

Tim Fite's debut, "Gone Ain't Gone," is apparently largely an assembled patchwork of samples, or, as his label would have it, "a wry, anachronistic, copyright-defying, country/hip-hop collage" that was "made mostly from CDs rescued from dollar bins." I wouldn't have known if I hadn't read the press release, though, because most of the samples are so hidden -- whether because they're skillfully deployed or just aren't particularly interesting, I'm not sure -- that the record plays as fairly straightforward hip-hop-inflected post-Beck rock. It's not quite as thrilling as you might expect an out-of-nowhere discovery by ANTI Records to be, but it's an enjoyable album, carried through mostly by Fite's spitting, attitude-filled delivery on songs like "No Good Here," with lines like "But I been busy baby, I keep busy/ Quittin' every job in New York City," and most amusingly "Little momma, whatchu done?/ You been smokin' marijuan'." "Forty-Five Remedies" is also available for free download.

By Salon Staff

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