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Published September 23, 2005 5:50PM (EDT)

Here's an interesting thread devoted to the jobs rockers had before they rocked or the ones they take on after the spotlight fades. There are some unexpected ones here, like Topper Headon from the Clash being a cab driver or Alex Chilton being a tree-trimmer and dishwasher in New Orleans in the early '80s, as well as the classics, like Vanilla Ice being the manager of a convenience store or Philip Glass driving a taxi in NYC.

Pitchfork didn't really like it, but you be the judge: The new Strokes song, "Juicebox," has been leaked online. If you were wondering, it is not about Capri Sun. (Just kidding -- of course it is: Strawberry Kiwi!)

In keeping with the RZA theme of a few weeks ago, here's another much anticipated release hosted by Spine, this time a collaboration between RZA and MF DOOM, "Bio-chemical Equation". This is a backpacker's wet dream.

And here's a decidedly more '80s MP3 treat: a new track called "Stormy Weather" from the forthcoming Echo and the Bunnymen record (thankfully signaling the return of Ian McCulloch). This is Donnie Darko's wet dream.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just released its list of nominees for induction. This year's hopefuls include John Mellencamp, Miles Davis, Blondie, Cat Stevens, and Grandmaster Flash (whose classic 1983 "White Lines (Don't Do It)" has taken on new resonance in light of the recent Kate Moss shenanigans).

It's too bad Feist collaborator Mocky can't be nominated simply for the brilliant use of Google in a music video, because that would be an awesome category! And if you're like me, you like your cultish pseudo-hippy-yuppy orchestral music performed by spastic puppets running around in woods and fields. Thankfully, the puppets over at Glove and Boots were selected in a contest for Polyphonic Spree's "Hold Me Now" video and have provided just that.

-- Joe Charap

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