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Published September 28, 2005 7:01PM (EDT)

The video for the title song off of Gretchen Wilson's new album, "All Jacked Up" (QuickTime | Real Audio | Windows Media small, large), revels in many things, chief among them the subtle glories of abusing as much alcohol as possible. Meanwhile, Weezer's song "We're All on Drugs" had to be rerecorded to make it into a family-friendly video for MTV, morphing into "We Are All in Love" (Windows Media) -- though the footage is still synced to the original (there's also this Windows Media version of the original that was released only in Europe, made up entirely of footage from Grim Reaper's 1985 video for "Fear No Evil"). As the suburban-themed video makes patently clear, Weezer's song is actually anti-drug; Wilson's honky-tonk video is just as unabashedly pro-drink. There's an irony lurking there somewhere.

While Kenny Chesney is dealing with the impending end of his marriage to Renée Zellweger, he hasn't been too busy to record. Follow the link to the video for his new country tear-jerker, "Who You'd Be Today."

Watching Shaky in this video for "The Painter," off of his new album, "Prairie Wind," is kind of like seeing a behind-the-scenes, making-of feature on the recording -- like the song, it's not fascinatingly new stuff, but pleasant enough nonetheless.

In a similar vein, the new video from indie rockers Supergrass, "Low C" (Windows Media | Real Audio), serves -- for reasons that are never totally clear -- as a mini-documentary for a mermaid reunion of Weeki Wachi, Fla.

There's also something weirdly compelling about this underwater-diver themed, video-game-referencing Grizzly Bear video, "Deep Sea Diver."

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