Harriet Miers and that bin Laden warning

The president's Supreme Court nominee is the one who handed him the infamous Aug. 6 PDB.

Published October 4, 2005 4:51PM (EDT)

As we noted yesterday, Harriet Miers apparently has fond memories of the way George W. Bush treated her on 9/11. As Miers was helping to prepare remarks Bush would deliver that day at Barksdale Air Force Base, the president said, "Good hustle." The remark was "typical" of the president, Miers said. "He made me feel good that I was contributing."

We wonder if Miers remembers another day when she was working closely with the president. On Aug. 6, 2001, Miers was working at Bush's side in Crawford, Texas. And some time that morning -- some time before the president took off for an afternoon of fishing -- Miers handed Bush the presidential daily briefing headlined "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US."

By Tim Grieve

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