Was it worth it?

Judy Miller says indictments in the Valerie Plame case might make her time in jail seem worthwhile.

Published October 5, 2005 3:32PM (EDT)

In his interview with Judy Miller last night, CNN's Lou Dobbs said that he would never forgive either special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald or District Judge Thomas Hogan for forcing Miller to go to jail to protect her sources. "I think it is an onerous, disgusting abuse of government power," Dobbs said.

Miller offered a different view. "Well," she said, "let's wait and see what Mr. Fitzgerald has. If he brings indictments, if he has a very serious case, then I might have to say that perhaps his zealousness with respect to this mission was justified. I don't know what Mr. Fitzgerald has. I'm waiting to see like everybody else what he produces. But if he doesn't have anything, I will wonder about why I had to spend 85 days in jail, and why I may be the only one to spend time in jail."

By Tim Grieve

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