A redesign update

A quick note about the status of our redesign.

Published October 10, 2005 7:19PM (EDT)

We told you when we launched our redesign that it was a work in progress, and we wanted to give you a progress report. Here's a quick roundup of issues that we're working on. We'll update this page periodically once we've fixed problems, but please do continue to write us at this address, redesign@salon.com, with all your comments and notes. We may not be able to get back to you but we are reading everything.

If you're interested, please read Salon's editor in chief's letter about the redesign and her comments about it in this Table Talk thread.

Things we know about and are fixing:

  • Cover display issues: We will fix the problem where a dateline appears without any content from that day this week. We will also fix text-wrapping issues within the main cover story area this week.
  • Missing search function: We'll be adding a new search function to the site soon, ideally this week. In the interim you can still use our old search functionality here.
  • Missing links: We'll be adding back links to the following pages early this week
    -- Corrections
    -- Premium benefits such as PDA, PDF, plain text editions
    -- Salon archive
    - Salon directory
    -- Personals link
  • Broken or old links: Some navigational links are still pointing to old pages. These will be fixed this week.
  • New design format
    -- We'll add the new design to our About section this week
    -- Premium section will see the redesign in the near future.
    -- Help section will also be redesigned in the near future.
  • Browsers: We know that the redesign displays badly in IE 5 on a Mac. The best solution to this problem is to either use Safari, which comes preinstalled on OS X, or to download a free copy of Firefox.

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