Harriet Miers and Valerie Plame, or not

Somebody thought it was worth asking.

Published October 19, 2005 1:33PM (EDT)

We've all been warned about the danger of crossing streams, but some intrepid member of the Washington press corps couldn't resist doing the peanut-butter-and-chocolate thing yesterday with the two biggest stories of the day.

At the daily White House press briefing, a reporter asked Scott McClellan whether Harriet Miers, "in her connection with the White House, has been involved in any way" with the Valerie Plame investigation or has testified before Patrick Fitzgerald's grand jury. McClellan's response: "She has been -- carried out the direction of the president, just like the rest of us here, to cooperate fully with the special prosecutor. She has been White House counsel during part of the time that this investigation has been ongoing. I'm not going to comment on the investigation, though, beyond that."

Although McClellan's assurances don't count for much anymore -- remember, he was the one who insisted that neither Karl Rove nor Scooter Libby had anything to do with outing Plame -- we haven't seen any evidence that Miers is on Fitzgerald's radar. The National Journal's Hotline is up with a list of all the people Fitzgerald has interviewed or put before the grand jury, and Miers' name isn't on it.

By Tim Grieve

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