The waiting is the hardest part

If you can't bear hitting "refresh" one more time, there are other things to do while waiting for news from the Plame prosecutor.

Published October 26, 2005 4:33PM (EDT)

Salon's Michael Scherer has just checked in again from the federal courthouse in Washington. He says that the grand jurors in the Valerie Plame case began filing out a short while ago, but it's not clear whether they're going for the day or just for lunch. What does it all mean? What will they order? We've all heard the line about how a prosecutor could get a grand jury to indict a ham sandwich. Are there clues to be found in the trash at Au Bon Pain?

If it's all too much for you -- if you're wearing out the "refresh" button in search of the latest news -- perhaps we can suggest a few more productive uses of your time. You could read Gary Hart's views on why the outing of a CIA agent really matters. You could ponder the fact that nearly 80 percent of Americans believe members of the Bush administration acted either unethically or illegally in the Plame case. You could spend some time learning more about the American troops -- there are 2,001 of them now -- who have died in Iraq. And if all of that requires more concentration than your jittery nerves can muster, you could while away the wait by playing with this strangely soothing presidential simulator.

By Tim Grieve

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