Top 10 List: Theoretical dance floor moves sent in by a member of an engimatic Bay Area band

Published October 27, 2005 3:24PM (EDT)

From time to time, we'll be presenting lists and assorted musings sent in by artists who also happen to be Audiofile readers. This came to us courtesy of Satomi Matsuzaki from San Francisco's eclectic indie group Deerhoof.

Top 10 Imaginative Dance Moves
by Satomi Matsuzaki

1. 100 Teens Krumpin' in a Rush Hour Super Crowded Train.

2. A Wigged Lady Slowly Forward-Moonwalking in the Laundromat.

3. A Santa Claus Head-Spinning and Crying Tears.

4. You Freeze for 20 Minutes and Chew an Aluminum Foil.

5. A Basketball Player's Perfect Pivot on an Ice Skate Rink.

6. Tree Hugger's Booty Shake With Loose Pants Made of Leaves.

7. Your Boyfriend B-Boying in a Tight Stretchable Straitjacket.

8. Pink Godzilla Hula-Hooping on a Wild Rodeo Ride.

9. John of Deerhoof Eating a Veggie Burger With His Left Hand and Doing 360 Shove-It.

10. Donald Rumsfeld Popping in The Hague at His War Crimes Trial.

By Salon Staff

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