Last two days to tell the FDA: Emergency contraception is a no-brainer!

"Public comment" period on making Plan B over the counter ends Nov. 1.

Published October 31, 2005 5:11PM (EST)

From NOW's Web site: "On Aug. 26, the FDA delayed its decision on OTC [over-the-counter] access for Plan B emergency contraception to allow for a 60-day public comment period on the issue. Please submit your comments today to the FDA. NOW activists and others who support the health, safety and decision-making authority of women in their childbearing years must DEMAND that the FDA follow the medical and scientific advice of its committees and permit the sale of EC without a prescription, without age restrictions, and OVER the counter (not "behind the counter" where we must beg a reluctant clerk or pharmacist to give it to us)."

Brief rant to get you good and mad before you write: Any controversy over emergency contraception at all is at best boneheaded, at worst evil. Hello, antiabortion people, emergency contraception is not RU-486. Emergency contraception prevents unwanted pregnancy before it happens. Emergency contraception is safe. The FDA's "concerns" about making the drug available over the counter to minors are specious and cruel. If anyone needs zero barriers to E.C., it's teens. (Just ask Ellen Goodman.) Summary of talking points: Dear opponents of E.C., 1) You want to reduce the number of abortions. 2) E.C. reduces the number of abortions. 3) Shut up and leave women alone.

Note: Your comments won't be counted unless you use a specific format. Click on NOW's action site for instructions. (Tip: As NOW suggests, cut and paste its helpfully prewritten responses, box by box, into the otherwise unintelligible FDA page, which you get to by entering your own info here.)

Oh, and if you need to blow off steam afterward, send an angry letter to Target.

By Lynn Harris

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