Exclusive Daily Download: "Delirium," Hurdy-Gurdy

Published November 4, 2005 11:01AM (EST)

The hurdy-gurdy, which has a bridge known as a "dog" and a sound that's often described as a cross between a fiddle and a bagpipe, is a real oddity, the platypus of the musical instrument world. Stefan Brisland-Ferner and Totte Mattsson want you to know that every sound on their album "Prototyp," much of which sounds like traditional Scandinavian folk tunes with electronic beats and ambient noise, was made by one of these deliciously odd instruments. Of course with the help of Pro Tools and a little ingenuity you could probably make a pretty decent recording of Mozart's "Requiem" using a kazoo and a rubber band, and the fun here lies not in their demonstration of the hurdy-gurdy's versatility but simply in the sound of this odd and beautiful instrument playing a tune. This record is out on the forward-thinking Nordic roots label NorthSide, which was kind enough to offer us an exclusive download of the opening track.

By Salon Staff

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