Best of Salon: 1997

Vampires! Women's ways of bullying! Sleazy tricks of pornmeisters! Cintra at the Kentucky Derby! A wild ride through Salon's 1997 archives.

Published November 6, 2005 2:00PM (EST)


Mississippi churning
William Faulkner and John Grisham battle it out for the soul of the South's most bookish city.
By Dwight Garner

Womens ways of bullying
A survivor of a feminist co-operative tells all.
By Laura Miller

Smashing the state
The strange rise of libertarianism.
By Gary Kamiya

Interviews with the vampires
What's really weird about today's high-IQ bloodsuckers is their perky rhetoric of personal growth.
By Carol Lloyd

The gospel of Mark Twain
Mark Twain gave America its voices.
By Gary Kamiya

The kiss-up
A writer and his agent discuss literary strategy.
By David Rakoff

Didion as diva
What makes Iago evil? some people ask. I never ask.
By Bill Hayes

Riding high
A scarce few fillies, three to be precise, have ever won the Kentucky Derby in its 123 years. Two of them were named Genuine Risk and Regret. I spent the weekend with them.
By Cintra Wilson

Trash lit 101
Drop those upturned noses! Every reader's diet should -- and usually does -- contain a leavening of bestsellers.
By Dwight Garner

One tough mother
Five ways Roseanne kicked network TVs butt into the next century.
By Joyce Millman

The paper chase
Print magazines try to keep up with the Web. But the more you surf, the less you'll need them.
By Scott Rosenberg

I love you both unequally
Nobody tells you that the hardest thing about having a new baby is kicking the old baby out of the nest of your heart.
By Kate Moses

The hounds of spring
A stint teaching writing to high school students leaves the author wondering why girls still haven't learned how to dream.
By Sallie Tisdale

The woman who turned America against divorce
My amicable split with family expert Judith Wallerstein.
By Joan Walsh

The x-chromosome files
"La Femme Nikita" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" will kick your ass.
By Joyce Millman

The green gold
From cyberspace to Klamath Lake, a hunt for the truth about blue-green algae reveals the secret ecology of information.
By Andrew Leonard

Sexing the machine
Three digital women debate gender, technology and the Net.
By Laura Miller

A giant sucking sound
The Web's "longest-running daily column" takes a paperback leap for bratty immortality -- and succeeds in killing off a few more trees.
By Scott Rosenberg

Pornutopia lost
The X-rated underground, insatiable for more clicks, is building a bold and bewildering new world of sleazy techno-tricks and "click-through farming." It could be the future of the Web.
By Andrew Leonard

Confessions of a lesbian sperm donor
I found my lesbian friend Monica; she was staring wistfully at tiny jars of puried asparagus.
By Hank Pellissier

Were the 60s a fraud?
There never was a counterculture, say the bafflers angry young revolutionists, and there still isnt  were all ensnared in the seamless web of capitalism. Then again, maybe theyve just been watching too much tv.
By Gary Kamiya

Life after O.J.
What have we learned from the Trials of the Century?
By Joyce Millman

Deadline poetry
The death of newspaper legend Herb Caen
By Gary Kamiya

By Salon Staff

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