Best of Salon: 1998

From Ken Starr and Henry Hyde to fetish nation and J.Lo's butt, a look back at a tumultuous year.

Published November 7, 2005 12:21PM (EST)

Geometry and hot pix
Nothing is so alien as your family during college break.
By Chris Colin

Scouts dishonor
A former member says scouting is a dangerous influence that should be kept away from impressionable young people.
By Andrew OHehir

The forgiven, Part I
What would you do if your child was brutally murdered? These parents befriended their killers.
By Michelle Goldberg

The forgiven, Part II
What do you call someone who reaches out to the man who tortured, raped, killed and cannibalized her daughter? Crazy? Or a saint?
By Michelle Goldberg

Animal house
Camille Paglia comments on the sexual politics of the Clinton White house.
Salons Jenn Shreve spoke with columnist Camille Paglia

Live! From my bedroom
Homecam operators broadcast their daily lives to web voyeurs. Why? For the art or fame, love or money  or reasons they cant quite explain.
By Simon Firth

Flying away
Our man in Japan witnesses Masahiko Haradas transcendent triumph on the slopes  and parties all night with chest-biting Japanese and the U.S. womens hockey team.
By Gary Kamiya

Schools of hard knocks
Lock ups for defiant teens use questionable tactics  on the web and off.
By Andrew Leonard

Haiku error messages
The results of challenge no. 4.
By Salon readers

Mutiny on the net
As mp3 pirates cross swords with the recording industry, the dream of net-based music distribution hangs in the balance.
By Andrew Leonard

The men who kept Paula Jones lawsuit going
How associates of billionaire Clinton-hater Richard Mellon Scaife propped up her legal battle.
By Murray Waas

Cherrio, Seinfeld
Saying goodbye to the greatest sitcom of all time.
By Joyce Millman

The geeks and the aliens
Why are the tech industry's best and brightest so determined to spearhead the hunt for extraterrestrials?
By Janelle Brown

The dumbing-down of programming, Part I
Rebelling against Microsoft, my computer and easy-to-use wizards, an engineer rediscovers the joys of difficult computing.
By Ellen Ullman

The dumbing-down of programming , Part II
Returning to the source. Once knowledge disappears into code , how do we retrieve it?
By Ellen Ullman

Where the gals are
Forget grrrl power: The new feminine mystique is neurotic, self-absorbed and still boy-crazy, according to a current crop of pop-cultural heroines.
By Laura Miller

Viva Las Vegas
Terry Gilliam's wild and woolly film captures all the fear and most of the loathing of Hunter Thompson's crazed classic.
By Cintra Wilson

The showdown at San Leandro high
A battle between parents and gay-rights advocates may be a preview of the country's next great culture war.
By Ira Eisenberg

Class Warfare
How a California high school became the battleground in the struggle over what Americas students should be taught about homosexuality.
By Ira Eisenberg

The prince who came down from his tower
Authors battle to define the life and legacy of the last American politician worth caring about.
By John Leonard

The little operating system that could
Microsoft beware: Linux fans are hell-bent on world domination.
By Andrew Leonard

Fetish nation
The sexual underground, amplified by Internet culture, is more visible than ever, celebrating its brave new world of whips, diapers and corsets. But is the rest of America ready to follow?
By Carol Lloyd

Back is beautiful
Does the publics embrace of Jennifer Lopezs abundant butt signal a cultural revolution  or simply the triumph of watered-down multiculturalism?
By Erin J. Aubry

The secret life of scandal
Americans forgive Clinton and Lewinsky because they understand the truth about sex, lies and legal obsessions.
By Steve Erikson

A midsummer nights bacchanal in Moscow
Inhibitions -- and underclothes -- are tossed into the sweating air on Ladies Night at the Hungry Duck Bar and Grill.
By Jeffrey Tayler

False witness
When key Whitewater figure David Hale fell into the grip of the FBI, he turned for help to President Clintons most dedicated enemies.
By Murray Waas

Taking care of David Hale
A Salon investigative report reveals how Kenneth Starr's key Whitewater witness secretly hooked up with a prominent anti-Clinton attorney.
By Murray Waas

The $50,000 lie
The Whitewater case wasn't the only time David Hale invoked Bill Clinton's name -- falsely -- to help himself.
By Murray Waas

The story Starr did not want to hear
A key witness charges Whitewater investigators ignored information beneficial to Clinton.
By Murray Waas

Looting the temple of justice
Why didn't Kenneth Starr pursue evidence that his star anti-Clinton witness had openly operated a corrupt kickback scheme out of his own courtroom?
By Michael Haddigan and Murray Waas

Everest debate, Round two
The co-author of The Climb counters Jon Krakauers claims and questions the role of media in high-risk, extreme sports.
By Weston DeWalt

A melody of his own making
Book excerpt
By Beth Kephart

Slaves to the system
For vast numbers of women behind bars, prison is a hell of sexual terror.
By Nina Siegal

The ennui and the ecstasy
Simon Reynolds Generation Ecstasy and Iara Lees Modulations dryly document the rise and fall of rave.
By Janelle Brown

The Salon report on Kenneth Starr
We now know more than we ever wanted to about the president's private life. Here's what the public should know about the prosecutor who may drive him from office.
By David Talbot

This hypocrite broke up my family
Henry Hyde, the man who will sit in judgment of President Clinton, confirms that he carried on a secret affair.
By David Talbot

Mother rage: theory and practice
In the miniature war room of their heads, children know exactly where your nuclear button is.
By Anne Lamott

Idiot savants?
In a new book, intellectual gadfly Alan Sokal and co-author Jean Bricmont assail the demigods of French theory for their fraudulent use of high science. But does this mean all postmodern philosophy is bunk?
By Kristina Zarlengo

Gone with the windbags
The election took some of the steam out of the Washington punditocracys hot air balloon.
By Gary Kamiya

Soweto online
Where millions don't have plumbing or telephones, who needs the Net?
By Andrew Leonard

Yes, there is a better search engine
While the portal sites fiddle, Google catches fire.
By Scott Rosenberg

Yucky Woody
The neurotic court jester of sophisticated urbanites everywhere has given his most devoted fans  like me -- the finger.
By Andrew OHehir

Dark Hotel
A preview of Salons noir comics serial.
By Bob Callahan & Spain Rodriguez
Art by Spain Rodriguez

By Salon Staff

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