Daily Download: "Catch a Collapsing Star," Mendoza Line

Published November 7, 2005 8:01AM (EST)

Here's another tattered, shambling charmer from the Mendoza Line, a band that thrives on low expectations (they even named themselves after low expectations) and enjoys an ongoing and perverse flirtation with the mundane. The secret to their often ordinary, rather ragged structures is just how very well some of them are built on the inside, courtesy, most often, of Tim Bracy, one of the band's two (until this album, it was three) songwriters. He hasn't written anything as extraordinary as "The Queen of England" (go pay your dollar and download it now) or "The Triple Bill of Shame" -- both from 2002's "Lost in Revelry" -- on this record, but for your shot of Dylanesque wit and bitter wisdom to tide you over until the man himself next surfaces, he, and not young Oberst, is your man.

By Salon Staff

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