Nicole Richie: Novelist and sage

The "Simple Life" star has a new book -- and some deep thoughts on marriage, kids and weight.

Published November 8, 2005 3:43PM (EST)

In honor of the publication today of Nicole Richie's new autobiographical novel, "The Truth About Diamonds," Broadsheet thought we'd share some of the highlights from the skeletal "Simple Life" star's interview in the Nov. 14 issue of People magazine:

On her engagement:"I'm looking forward to marriage. Your name changes, which will be exciting."

On having kids: "I want five -- three girls and twin boys. I'm a good mom to my dogs, so I feel like I'll be a responsible parent."

On losing weight: "I gained weight in rehab. It's slowly been coming off. I've actually never dieted."

On her bigger clothes: "I don't have them anymore. I don't know what happens to my clothes -- sometimes they just disappear, you know? "

Um, no. We don't.

By Lori Leibovich

Lori Leibovich is a contributing editor at Salon and the former editor of the Life section.

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