Daily Download: "Quedate Luna," Devendra Banhart

Published November 14, 2005 8:01AM (EST)

With each record, Banhart adds more instruments, more arrangement and higher production value, and it's becoming increasingly clear that his art, which some at first worried would be ruined as soon as he moved up from lo-fi home recordings, is not as fragile as it once seemed. The Syd Barrett comparisons may continue, but despite his obvious eccentricities, Banhart comes across as perfectly sane, and there's coziness in that sanity and in the way his beautiful voice balances so delicately between pathos and almost self-mocking good humor. On "Quedate Luna," one of a handful of Spanish-language tracks on "Cripple Crow" (a return to Banhart's childhood tongue), he goes for a ghostly, sleepy Cuban groove.

By Salon Staff

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