607 days 'til we can legally play "tonsil Quidditch"

"Harry Potter" hottie Daniel Radcliffe turns 18 on July 23, 2007.

Published November 23, 2005 8:14PM (EST)

Finally, a legal-age countdown clock for the ladies! Joining the handful of similar shrines to Emma Watson/Hermione Granger and underage others. (Nope, not providing links; Google them yourselves, you Muggle pervs.) You Can't Make It Up has begun ticking off the days until the magic moment when Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe turns 18 -- "i.e. the legal age for which to 'whomp his willow,' play 'tonsil Quidditch,' tickle his 'gobstones,' meet and greet the 'nimbus,' learn more about the 'Wolfsbane' position, have him explore your 'crookshanks,' 'cleansweep' your 'bubotuber,' and use 'nonsensical words' to describe 'sexual acts.'" (I'd add something about my "Chamber of Secrets" or my "Goblet of Fire," but that would be way too easy.) Even those of you who are not -- what shall we call them? -- Daniel Radcliffhangers will dig the funny photo essay that accompanies the countdown. Yes, the writer does address the Las Vegas lion tamer outfit he wore to the "Goblet" premiere.

By Lynn Harris

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