Daily Download: "Fashionably Uninvited," Mellowdrone

Published November 30, 2005 8:01AM (EST)

"Fashionably Uninvited" first appeared on Mellowdrone's self-released debut EP (the fashionable way to get noticed these days), and is also going to be included on their LP "Box," due out in January. Although the song was recorded at home, you'd never know it from the glossy sounds and icy precision. There's a strange appeal to the glibness of it all, as singer Jonathan Bates makes a show of being disaffected while half-singing an absurdly catchy little throwaway melody before breaking into a terrifically overwrought chorus ("I'd die if you leave me," and he doesn't even try to sound like he means it). A plastic indie delight, and you can enjoy the likewise beautiful and empty video here.

By Salon Staff

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