Tyra-nosaurus strikes again!

Tyra Banks confronts Naomi Campbell on her talk show

By H.h.
Published December 1, 2005 1:29PM (EST)

Egocentric delusions may be Tyra Banks' specialty, but recently the former supermodel outdid herself. After hallucinating that the world actually cares about her ongoing feud with Naomi Campbell, Tyra invited Naomi to appear on her talk show, then spent most of the hour lambasting her rival for everything from allegedly getting her kicked off several fashion shows to making her want to quit modeling forever. Of course, Tyra did it all with that trademark, wide-eyed vulnerability and more than a few reminders that this wasn't about dredging up past slights, it was about healing. By the time the pair awkwardly hugged and cried, all the staged "healing" in the room was enough to make you ill. But then again, what's the point in having your own talk show, if you can't air your personal grudges on national television?



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