Marissa, Marissa, Marissa

"The OC" torments its favorite victim.

By H.h.

Published December 6, 2005 9:44PM (EST)

Thanks to the fact that Summer and Seth are the light characters, and Ryan mostly just punches people in the face, Marissa of "The OC" is left to embody all of the many traumas of high school. Let's see, Marissa had a drinking problem, she OD'd in Mexico, she was held hostage by Oliver, she got attacked by Ryan's brother ... Has any character in the history of television had more of a "Kick Me" sign taped to her back? This season, Marissa not only gets tormented by a tough girl and kidnapped by a local surfing thug, she can't even fill out a college application without having a nervous breakdown. But then, if Mischa Barton is good at one thing, it's crying prettily for the camera.



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