A delay for DeLay's sake

Dennis Hastert postpones the people's business so that Tom DeLay can tend to his.

Published December 7, 2005 4:10PM (EST)

Bill Frist and other Senate Republicans howled when Harry Reid took the Senate into closed session in order to push for progress on the long-stalled investigation into the Bush administration's use of prewar intelligence. Funny, but we haven't heard any complaints from Frist about the latest scheduling shenanigans by Republicans in the House of Representatives.

As Think Progress reports, House Speaker Dennis Hastert has scheduled the first House session of 2006 for Jan. 31. That means that the House will be out of business for more than a month over the holidays -- and that it won't be back in session until two weeks after the Senate gets back to work in January.

Why start so late? As the Boston Globe notes, the late start gives Tom DeLay more time to fight off criminal charges in Texas -- and thus, a better shot at regaining his seat as House majority leader -- before his fellow Republicans can hold leadership elections.

By Tim Grieve

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