Ken Lay: I'm a victim of prosecutorial terrorism

The former Enron chairman spins his story as his trial date nears.

By Tim Grieve

Published December 14, 2005 2:51PM (EST)

A month before he is set to stand trial on fraud and conspiracy charges, former Enron chairman Ken Lay is hitting the hustings in what sure seems like an effort to get himself spun into a more positive light. In a speech in Houston Tuesday, Lay suggested that he and his company are victims -- of former CFO Andrew Fastow, who committed "despicable and criminal deeds," and of federal prosecutors, who have buried the truth in a "wave of terror."

According to the Houston Chronicle, Lay asked former employees to come forward in order to counter prosecutors' claims with a "wave of truth." "Either we stand up now -- and prove that Enron was a real company, a substantial company, an honest company, a company that had a vision and values -- or we will leave this horrific legacy shaped by others," he said.

Tim Grieve

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