Barbie, meet Badness

Why not buy a black lesbian action figure for the little girl on your holiday list?

By Lori Leibovich
Published December 20, 2005 2:15PM (EST)

Those who don't want to promote mutilation and degradation by buying someone a Barbie doll for Christmas might want to check out Badness instead. The four-inch-tall, "black lesbian action figure" in a basketball uniform is part of the DYKEdolls line and is described as "a fierce female with kick-ass moves on and off the court." DYKEdolls creator S. Perdomo says she was inspired to create lesbian dolls -- not all of which are appropriate for children -- because the toys she was given as a child were so uncool. "I would get a doll that cried or peed when you pushed its stomach and thought it was pretty lame," she writes on the DYKEdolls Web site. "I'd be like, 'Mom I don't want this. Can I return it for a camping set?'"

Lori Leibovich

Lori Leibovich is a contributing editor at Salon and the former editor of the Life section.

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