Like a Virgin

Kate Moss parlays her drug bust into a sweet endorsement deal.

Published December 21, 2005 9:39PM (EST)

After a busy year of getting videotaped snorting coke (shock!), losing most of her modeling contracts, checking into rehab, chucking her train-wreck boyfriend and dodging British authorities by hanging out stateside, we'd have guessed Kate Moss had already done about all the attention-nabbing things she could shoehorn into her busy schedule. But we'd have been wrong. It seems there was one more thing for Moss to do before slamming the book on 2005: Make a cellphone commercial spoofing all of the above.

Today's New York Times says television audiences in the U.K. will start seeing the beleaguered superwaif's 40-second spot for Virgin Mobile starting this Saturday. The Virgin ad (which can be viewed here) shows Moss receiving a call from her agent about an important new contract ... her cellphone contract. The voice-over chimes in: "Virgin Mobile. One contract worth keeping."

Moss can't get work! Because she did drugs! But she can get a cellphone contract! Because they don't care if you do drugs or not!

It's pretty savvy. The Times points out that "since the Virgin brand had historically been built on its irreverence and pop currency, the company faces minimal risk aligning itself with Ms. Moss."

Virgin gets street cred, and Moss gets one step closer to her comeback. She's made it through the wilderneeessss; somehow she's made it throo-oo-ooough ...

By Page Rockwell

Page Rockwell is Salon's editorial project manager.

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