American Girl bums us out

Kirsten, Samantha, Molly and the rest of the gang bow to right-wing pressure to end their association with Girls Inc.

By Page Rockwell

Published December 23, 2005 3:00PM (EST)

Here's a bummer of a holiday story: American Girl, the retail giant behind the incredibly popular historically themed dolls of the same name, is severing its relationship with plucky girl-power organization Girls Incorporated on Dec. 26. (Thanks to Pandagon for the tip.)

The company's decision to part ways with Girls Inc. doesn't come as a huge surprise -- as we reported in early November, conservatives have boycotted the doll maker because they're offended by Girls Inc.'s endorsement of Roe v. Wade and acceptance of gay people. But we still hoped that American Girl -- and its parent company, Mattel -- would stand up to the right-wing scare tactics. Girls Inc. is a 141-year-old nonprofit, for crying out loud. It promotes leadership and competitiveness and interest in math and science. It gives out college scholarships.

For its part, American Girl insists that the breakup was totally mutual. The company told CBS News that the "Girls Inc. partnership was always planned as a 2005 initiative and the end date of Dec. 26, 2005, was mutually agreed upon by both parties."

Page Rockwell

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