Satin sheets, a feather boa and ... bin Laden?

OK, it's his niece. But GQ sure seems smitten.

Published December 23, 2005 5:49PM (EST)

The Bush administration may not know where Osama bin Laden is -- Donald Rumsfeld suggested earlier this week that he doesn't even know if he's still alive -- but we've got a pretty good bead on bin Laden's niece: She's the one sprawled out over there on the satin sheets, dressed only in lingerie and feathers.

Wafah Dufour went by the name Wafah bin Laden until that whole "bin Laden" thing became something of a career impediment for the would-be pop star. Now she tells GQ, where her sure-to-offend-Islamic-fundamentalists photo appears, that she just wants to be accepted by her fellow Americans.

"It's really tough that I have to always explain myself," she says. "It's like every time I meet someone, I have to move a huge mountain that's in front of me, and sometimes I get tired."

Dafour seems to have moved something in GQ's George Gurley, but we're not sure it's a mountain. Gurley writes of Dafour's "soft, husky voice" and her "big dark eyes, long lashes, plump lips, [and] caramel skin." "And theres something else," Gurley says. "At first I cant quite figure it out, but then it hits me: She looks a little like her uncle, albeit a waify ninety-eight-pound tiny-footed version. Sexy Osama!"

We hate America as much as the next guy, but even we're having a hard time getting our minds around that one.

By Tim Grieve

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