2005's biggest stories for women

Ms. magazine's roundup of women's news is sobering stuff.

Published December 23, 2005 4:00PM (EST)

As we take stock at the end of 2005, we're grateful for Ms. magazine's roundup of the top 10 news stories for women this year. But as you might expect, the top 10 stories for women are not all good news. Actually, now that we look closely at the list, it's mostly bad news. "Most significant" is Sandra Day O'Connor's Supreme Court resignation and the consequent vulnerability of women's rights. "Most outrageous rejection of science": the FDA's shell game over Plan B. Even events with cheerful-seeming titles, like "Most likely to evoke grateful memories," are actually about sad news, in this case the deaths of important figures like Rosa Parks.

Here's the good news: Germany and Liberia elected female heads of state, there's a woman in the Oval Office on "Commander in Chief," and Congress reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act.

You can read the rest here. Think there are important stories that got left off the list? Remind us of more of 2005's big events in the comments section!

By Page Rockwell

Page Rockwell is Salon's editorial project manager.

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