As Washington quakes, a pundit yawns

Jonah Goldberg says the Abramoff case just isn't all that interesting.

Published January 4, 2006 8:09PM (EST)

The president didn't mention the Jack Abramoff case during his brief public appearance today. And although Dick Cheney is giving a speech to the Heritage Foundation right now, each time we turn up the sound on the TV he seems to be saying something about 9/11. So in an effort to learn a little about the right's take on the Abramoff affair, we just checked in on the Corner at the National Review Online. The word there: yawn.

Jonah Goldberg, NRO regular and newly minted Los Angeles Times columnist, proclaims himself "not that interested" in the Abramoff case. "There are lots of important stories that I can't get worked up about," Goldberg writes. "This is one of them." He says he'll get himself interested if it turns out that the "Kosites and Tapped crowd are right and this has major political legs or if some important politicians go down because of what Abramoff tells the prosecution."

For now, Goldberg says, the Abramoff case is just "your basic K Street corruption story." He says he wasn't all that interested in such stories when Bill Clinton was president, and he's not all that interested in them now. "My attitude is shame on the guilty parties and get back to me when there's something interesting to discuss."

By Tim Grieve

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