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New organization highlights women who make news.

Published January 4, 2006 3:51PM (EST)

We hope that Broadsheet satisfies your recommended daily allowance of news relating to women. But if you want a protein-packed power shake, check out the just-launched Womens Media Center.

The Web site and the organization behind it were founded by Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan and Carol Jenkins. Not only does the WMC offer a daily digest of news of concern to women, it also goes to -- and for -- the source. The group's primary goals are to ensure that women are included as sources and experts in news reports -- and that lady media professionals get equal opportunities for employment and advancement.

And just to make sure you never leave the computer, the site also offers links to over 100 female columnists and bloggers and womens media organizations.

By Lynn Harris

Award-winning journalist Lynn Harris is author of the comic novel "Death by Chick Lit" and co-creator of BreakupGirl.net. She also writes for the New York Times, Glamour, and many others.

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