Samuel Alito and the holy oil

Three Christian ministers annoint a Senate hearing room in advance of a confirmation hearing.

Published January 5, 2006 11:46PM (EST)

We generally try to limit ourselves to one post a day on the oddball antics of the religious right, but we're going to have to make an exception today. The Wall Street Journal has just reported that three Christian ministers claim to have snuck into a Senate hearing room in order to anoint the chairs that will be used for Samuel Alito's confirmation hearing next week.

"We did adequately apply oil to all the seats," the Rev. Rob Schenck tells the Journal. Schenck and his colleagues insisted that they aren't taking sides in the confirmation fight. But Schenck said that God is "interested" in "what goes on" in Alito's confirmation process.

We're sure he is, and that he'll turn his infinite gaze toward the doings of Arlen Specter and Patrick Leahy just as soon as he's done torturing Ariel Sharon.

By Tim Grieve

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