All women should have babies! Except you! (Take 2)

Virginia wing nut mounts wacko attack on unmarried infertile women.

Published January 5, 2006 7:22PM (EST)

Before, it was just one lesbian-phobic clinic in California. Now -- if a particularly loony Virginia lawmaker has his way -- it could be a whole state. Via A Little Pregnant: "State legislator Robert G. Marshall -- or Delegate Bob, if you're feelin' folksy -- has introduced a bill preventing doctors from providing unmarried women with any infertility treatment that 'completely or partially replaces sexual intercourse as the means of conception.'" (So wait, he's saying he wants unmarried women to have sex?) ALP goes on: "Considering Marshall's record, this is nothing extraordinary. A quick spin around Delegate Bob's site reveals that he also authored a law that nullifies any same-sex partnerships entered into in other states. He sponsored a bill -- 'almost passed' -- prohibiting college health care services from providing the morning-after pill to students. He was also responsible for a law against something called partial birth infanticide."

On the upside, ALP notes, Bob did sponsor a law authorizing members of a Jimmy Buffett fan club to be issued special license plates. "I'm glad his busy schedule of oppressing women allows ample time for him to kick back and enjoy a cheeseburger in paradise," she writes.

If you live in Virginia, she adds, "will you please consider finding and contacting your delegate to discuss your opinion of the proposed legislation? And while you're at it, what the hell -- ask them about issuing a special license plate for cranky infertile bloggers who can't believe our elected representatives keep trying to pull this shit."

By Lynn Harris

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