Alito moves!

Signs of life from Samuel Alito.

By Kl

Published January 9, 2006 9:45PM (EST)

Like Tim Grieve, we were frustrated by Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito's frozen countenance on the first day of his confirmation hearings. We studied him closely during the three hours-plus when senators predictably trashed him or talked him up for any small gesture -- a middle-finger nose scratch to Joe Biden, a wink to Orrin Hatch -- that would offer some window into his soul. Finally, after a careful review of our tapes, we discovered one facial expression, recorded while Sen. Ted Kennedy was speaking. (Watch closely -- it's something between a blink and an eyeroll.) What caused it, exactly? Kennedy's suggestion that Alito doesn't respect minority and reproductive rights? Or Kennedy's mispronunciation of his name?

By Kl


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