These Republicans oppose Alito

GOP Majority for Choice: Judge is "out of step with mainstream Americans."

Published January 12, 2006 5:02PM (EST)

The Republican Majority for Choice, an organization of men and women who endorse the "'big tent' philosophy of inclusion and tolerance on social issues," has announced its opposition to the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court.

"RMC is an organization whose core mission is to protect the right to choose as outlined in Roe v. Wade and to represent the millions of Republicans who strongly support this right," reads the group's press release. "After much research and analysis of Mr. Alito's own record and statements on this issue of individual freedom it is clear that he is an advocate for further restricting this right. Judge Alito seems by all measures to be an experienced and capable jurist, but one who is out of step with mainstream Americans on the issue of abortion and maintaining the legal right to choose."

The RMC, like many other groups, accuses Alito of "sidestepping" issues such as whether the right to privacy extends to abortion and whether Roe is "settled law."

And here's where the group nails it: "The reality is that Judge Alito would not have to vote to overrule Roe in order to be the architect of the denial of a woman's right to choose. He could give lip service to respecting Roe while upholding the numerous legislative efforts to chip away at reproductive freedom. The cumulative result is that Roe v. Wade and its progeny are rendered meaningless." You know, like in Mississippi, South Dakota, Missouri and elsewhere.

The group adds that not only is Alito bad for women, he's also bad for Republicans: "The selection of Judge Alito sends a very clear message from the Bush Administration and the Republican leadership in Congress that they are willing to continue steering the party into a marginalized corner that puts it at odds with most voters. Sadly, we have come to a point at which average Republicans are beginning to abandon the GOP policy and candidates. We have seen this in the public outcry concerning President Bush's opposition to stem cell research; we saw it last November in the Virginia gubernatorial race, and we will see it again this year if Republican candidates continue to promote extremist views. We pledge to continue our mission to promote common sense solutions to help lessen the incidence of abortion while ensuring that women and families maintain the safe and legal right to choose. We will no longer stand by while women's rights are used as a political soapbox for either party."

Best. Republicans. Ever!

Also joining the No on Alito parade: Catholics for a Free Choice.

By Lynn Harris

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