The judge's wife cried. Big whoop

GOP: Scary Dems are frightening the ladies!

Published January 12, 2006 4:07PM (EST)

So Martha-Ann Bomgardner ducked out for a little stress-relieving waterworks yesterday. (And, as you may have read in War Room -- in a "hacktacular" headline, Drudge blamed a "withering" Dem attack ... even though it was Republican Sen. Lindsay Graham who had the floor when she bailed.) The GOP, grasping at straws to prove the Dems are grasping at straws, has turned them into boogeymen who frighten! Innocent! Ladies! (What's next? Scary Dems kill babies? Oh, wait.) Actually, Broadsheet is impressed with Mrs. Bomgardner's restraint. We've been crying since the beginning.

By Lynn Harris

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