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Oprah breaks silence about Frey furor. Lohan and Moss go strip-club pole dancing. Plus: Eminem to remarry ex

Published January 12, 2006 1:47PM (EST)

Morning Briefing:
Oprah breaks her silence: Last night, Oprah made a surprise call to Larry King to speak for the first time on the uproar surrounding her book-club pick "A Million Little Pieces." King was interviewing James Frey about the allegations that he fabricated much of the memoir when Oprah called to defend Frey, saying that the allegations were "much ado about nothing" and that "although there are some factual questions, the underlying message of redemption still resonates with me and many others." Frey, an ex-drug addict, said it was hard to go through a national controversy without getting high. "When you feel things greatly there are temptations," he said, "but I'm getting through the week and I'll be fine." (N.Y. Daily News)

Lindsay and Kate's excellent adventure: Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss showed up at Scores strip club in Manhattan early yesterday morning and, apparently untroubled by their recent respective scandals, and much to the delight of Score's clientele, jumped up onstage. According to one Page Six source, "They were swinging on the pole with their arms around each other's waists, kissing each other, caressing each other, just acting like strippers. The crowd was cheering them on the whole time. They didn't take off any clothes, but it was very hot." A celebrity photographer who was also there (and who claims he was later menaced by Lohan's bodyguard for asking if he could take her picture) reports that "they were both running in and out of the ladies' room a lot" (hmm?) and that Moss offered Lohan some sage career advice, screaming out while Lohan was dancing solo, "You're a pro, Lindsay! You should do this for a living!" (Page Six)

Eminem and Kim redux: Eminem and ex-wife Kimberly Mathers have been granted a Michigan wedding license to remarry. The newly reconciled couple, who first got married in 1999 and messily divorced just two years later, have 33 days from the date of application to tie the knot, though no details on the date or location have been released. (BBC News)

More awards for the TV set: The Directors Guild of America announced yesterday its nominees for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Television. "Rome," "Six Feet Under," "House" and "Grey's Anatomy" all received nominations in the category of Dramatic Series Night; "My Name Is Earl," "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Will and Grace" and "Entourage" were nominated for Comedy Series. The DGA is also inaugurating a new category in reality television, with "Brat Camp," "Three Wishes," "Fear Factor," "The Amazing Race" and "Penn and Teller: Bullshit!" all receiving nominations. Winners will be announced on Jan. 28 at the guild's annual awards dinner in Los Angeles. (Directors Guild of America)

In the fashion-house fight to dress celebrities for awards shows, Scarlett Johansson is this year's No. 1 get. (N.Y Daily News)  At a cocktail party in New York, Katie Couric tried hard to squash rumors that she's moving to CBS, saying, "My contract is not up till May, and I can't even negotiate until then." (Lowdown)  Dr. Phil is taking his dating advice to; premium subscribers to the dating site now will be able to download video clips of the talk-show host spouting pearls of wisdom such as "If you want to be a winner in love, you want to be a winner in relationships, then do what it takes." (Associated Press)  Sony Music has started a new label, called Music With a Twist, geared to lesbian, gay and transgender audiences. (Associated Press)  Two Las Vegas hotel workers are claiming that Paula Abdul had them fired after they tried to help her change a flight; when Abdul learned that all the later flights were booked, they say, she blamed them for her missing her plane. (The Scoop)  Robert Altman will receive an honorary Oscar at the Academy Awards this year. (Reuters)  Penélope Cruz was proclaimed a knight in the Order of Arts and Letters by France's cultural minister. (Associated Press)

Money Quote:
British actor Hugh Laurie on which American actor has the worst British accent: "I suppose at the top of every Englishman's list would be Dick Van Dyke in 'Mary Poppins.' That would have to be construed as a virtual act of war." (Playboy via The Scoop)

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It's a new episode of "Dancing With the Stars" (ABC, 8 p.m. EST). Then, Fred Savage plays a gay failed screenwriter and Jane Curtin his mentally unstable mother in "Crumbs," which has its series premiere tonight (ABC, 9:30 p.m. EST).

-- Priya Jain

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