Our kind of celebrity

Felicity Huffman doesn't play along with "60 Minutes'" Stahl.

By Kl

Published January 17, 2006 8:15PM (EST)

Felicity Huffman, who just won a Golden Globe for "Transamerica," has always been a favorite of ours, thanks to her propensity for acting like a real human being instead of a publicist-programmed red-carpet bot. There's something so refreshing about watching Huffman (who gave Salon's Rebecca Traister a great interview last year here) visibly strain against dishing out the expected, feel-good responses to journalists' lame questions. She's been railing against the exaltation of motherhood since "Desperate Housewives" hit the air, but this exchange with "60 Minutes'" Lesley Stahl really takes the cake. Forget all those celebrities who stop by Oprah, Phil, Tyra or "The View" and pretend to be real -- Huffman puts them all to shame.

By Kl


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