Lucan vs. Kerrigan

Who can communicate more effectively, Nancy Kerrigan or the little boy raised by wolves?

By H.h.

Published January 19, 2006 9:38PM (EST)

OK, granted, we're a little obsessed with aging ice skaters these days, but remember Nancy Kerrigan, the skater who got her knees bashed in by thugs hired by scary Tonya Harding's scarier boyfriend? Remember how, even though you felt really sorry for Kerrigan, there was something unsympathetic about her that you couldn't put your finger on? Well, in this recent interview with "Entertainment Tonight," Kerrigan is much less whiny and much more likable, but it's now clear what's off about her: She can't string a coherent sentence together. Hey, speaking of which, remember Lucan, the little boy who was raised by wolves? Yeah. He was cool.

By H.h.


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