Representative #1: "If I'm indicted, I'm running"

Ohio Republican Bob Ney says he's in, no matter what.

Published January 20, 2006 4:44PM (EST)

From the "We'll Believe It When We See It" Department, there's news that Ohio Rep. Bob Ney -- the man identified as the corrupt "Representative #1" in Jack Abramoff's plea agreement -- plans to run for reelection even if he's indicted on federal criminal charges.

As the Hill reports, Ney is brushing off comments made earlier in the week by the chairman of the Republican Party in Ohio, who told Fox News that he would ask Ney to step down if he's indicted. "That's where the line is drawn," Bob Bennett told Fox.

Ney says no way. "Im running -- if Im indicted, Im running," he tells the Hill. Then, in what seems like a strangely narrow if not inaccurate way of referring to his constituents, Ney adds: "My Republicans will decide if I am elected again -- not the party boss."

By Tim Grieve

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