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Anna Benson doesn't like getting blamed for the Mets' decision to trade her husband.

Published January 23, 2006 4:25AM (EST)

The New York Post ran a story on Sunday about the fury of Anna Benson, wife of former New York Mets pitcher Kris Benson, who was recently traded to the Baltimore Orioles. What had her so ticked? The rumors that the trade was in response to some of her choices about how to live her life. Benson is well known in New York as an exuberant bombshell; she has been photographed in a low-cut Christmas outfit and in other skimpy ensembles, and arrived at Saturday's press conference after a photo shoot for FHM. There have also been rumors that she's in negotiations to pose for Playboy.

It's unclear whether the Mets' decision had anything to do with her publicly libidinous persona.

But that didn't stop her from sounding off about it. "If he was traded because of any potential talks with... Playboy or anything like this, that's a dirty, nasty, rotten trick  and I think that's really freedom-of-speech infringement," Benson told the press.

Blasting the media for making a stink about her revealing Mrs. Claus outfit, Benson said, "If somebody has a problem with the dress that I wore to the Christmas party, then say it to my face," she blasted. "I mean, did these kids' moms not have breasts?"

Later in the day, Benson was interviewed on Sporting News Radio and said, "I'm more pissed that people are centering on me as one of the reasons; I don't feel that's fair.

By Rebecca Traister

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