Around the Web: The Bon Jovi airplane scare that launched a thousand jokes, and the band that every NY critic had to see

Published January 24, 2006 9:10PM (EST)

Bon Jovi had a hair-raising moment over the weekend, E! Online reports, when the band's private Boeing 707 plane skidded off the end of a Canadian runway in torrential rain. Not a laughing of matter, of course, but nonetheless impossible to mention without snickering that: "The Bon Jovi boys know things get slippery when wet. Their pilot? Not so much." Or to wonder, as one blog commenter does, whether Jon Bon Jovi shouted "Fuck it. I'mI'm gay!" at any point, like what happened in "Almost Famous." Elsewhere in aging rocker news, Rolling Stone reveals the highest grossing U.S. Tours of 2005, with veterans Rolling Stones ($162 million!), U2 and Paul McCartney edging plucky young upstarts The Eagles and Elton John out of the top three spots (via Brooklyn Vegan. The Guardian has a grimly fascinating article about the growing, and increasingly global, Neo-Nazi/White Power music scene here. It's not exactly fun reading, but there is one darkly humorous moment towards the end, when the over-exposed so-called "White Nationalist Olsen Twins" Prussian Blue (so dubbed, apparently, for their German heritage and blue eyes  as opposed to, say, the component of holocaust gas Zyklon B) defend their parents' choice of name for their little sister: "Dresden's a name Like Paris, Paris Hilton." Meanwhile, it seems like every music blogger in New York went to see the Editors - this week's British buzz-band - at one of the Birmingham group's two sold-out shows over the weekend. If the consensus response was one of a band more than living up to the hype - "The Editors Totally Rock My Socks!" (The Modern Age) - The Village Voice plays the contrarian's role with fiery aplomb ("I don't like to play that 'music for assholes' card too often but god fucking damn, these Coldplay (Now With Dance Beats!) clowns attracted every stripe of b-list dickswinging dbag for their US debut").

-- Matt Glazebrook

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